Music has accompanied all human beings from our beginning in the womb. The rhythm of the mother’s beat and the symphony of the body organs keep a fetus calm and serene inside the mother’s womb. It is no wonder that all human beings react strongly toward music, because it is such a natural part of our existence. Through scientific research, music has further proved to be so valuable in our lives, that it creates a strong impact on the development of not just children, but also people of all ages. Learning music is a natural tool to help us forming intelligence and a strong character, because it increases the brain’s functions and channels our emotions. Therefore, a good musical education is an important lifetime investment, whose value is beyond any marketable price.

As piano pedagogues, we realize how important this education is for our students. We are passionate about teaching and we take great pride in a teaching style that respects the individuality and unique personality of the students.

We know that our work lays the foundation of so many other important skills that the students will acquire in the future. Therefore, it is our goal to motivate and encourage students, not only to learn how to play the instrument or how to improve the skills they already have, but especially to be the best they can be. The path will be different for each student; some will have an easier time than others, some will accomplish their goals slower than others, and certainly there will be both amazing and difficult moments to all. For some, it means playing their favorite tunes, and for others, it means preparing for a high level examination at ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) or competing at Jugend Musiziert. Everybody learns at their own pace and, we, as teachers, will guide each little step, which is so important to the overall development of the students.

Piano Academy Berlin